Fulcrum on Umbrel?


I am running Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi4, and I mainly use the node for analyzing the bitcoin chain data through the RPC or Mempool apps in Umbrel’s app store. I’m having trouble doing heavier API queries, such as addresses through these apps, and the moderator of the Mempool github page suggested running Fulcrum instead of Electrum, since Fulcrum is supposedly more efficient than Electrum. Is it possible to run Fulcrum on my Umbrel ./ Raspberry Pi setup? If so, what are the steps involved? Any help is much appreciated.

You only need to run btc core, no?

If you do just analyze data, why do you complicate too much with Umbrel?
Just install a Raspian OS on that Pi, install bitcoin core + fulcrum and done.

Thanks very much for the help. Do you all have experience doing chain data analysis using bitcoin core and / or fulcrum? Do I need fulcrum, or could I just use bitcoin core? I’m not sure what format bitcoin core alone or fulcrum would provide the chain data. The RPC app from Umbrel provides the data in an easy JSON format, so I wonder if the data is accessible from bitcoin core or fulcum in a similar format.

As you can tell, I’m a noob at this, so any help is great.

The RPC app from umbrel is reading directly into bitcoin core data. And is a great app for getting stats.

I agree - Umbrel’s RPC app is great for getting stats. The problem I’m having with it is that it can’t handle larger address queries, and so I’m considering using Raspbian + Bitcoin Core + Fulcrum, per your suggestion. But, I’m not sure if that combo will have something similar to the RPC app from Umbrel (and it’s APIs) for pulling data from Bitcoin Core.

BTC RPC is also a single app that can be installed.
But if you already have Umbrel installed and RPC is enough for your project, why not just use it as it is.

The issue is that Umbrel + the RPC and Mempool apps can’t handle address API queries. It’s too computationally intensive on a Raspberry Pi, so it times out frequently. The moderator of the Mempool app github page suggested Fulcrum as an alternative.

Interesting - so I could do Raspbian + Bitcoin Core + Fulcrum + RPC app? My understanding is that swapping Fulcrum for Electrum would make the RPC app work faster and not time out.

Why not just install them on a REAL PC not on that RPi toy?