Firefly III Importing Transactions

Anyone know how to import transactions via CSV file into Firefly III? It seems like it should be possible, but may require an additional app (Firefly III Data Importer) which does not appear to be listed in the app store. Is this the case? If so, why would the app be listed without the one tool that would make it useful?

Yes, this is exactly the case.
I guess we have to wait until someone adds the Firefly Data Importer to the Umbrel Shop until we can actually use Firefly.

I understand this takes time and effort from a kind soul and I will be very happy when that happens. For now, I will have to continue to use excel for may personal finances.

I found out about Firefly on the Umbrel app store, had never heard of it before and I am very excited to have discovered it and to have it available on Umbrel. Umbrel makes it really easy to move off from third party services to self hosted ones, that is fantastic!

Firefly is simply not useful if you cannot import your bank statements to it, though. For Firefly to make sense to continue to be listed on the app store, you have to have the Data Importer, too.

I have the same problem. Anyone knows if Portainer can be used to install Firefly III Data Importer? It is not in Umbrel App Store and I know that it can be ran as a container.