FireflyIII Data Importer

I have been exploring all of the cool things I can do on umbrel, and one huge part of this is getting my finances hosted by me. FireflyIII seems like an incredible tool for this and while I was exploring, I learned about an awesome feature they have called a data importer. Its a different version than what is currently in the app store. It has a similar, but a tad different docker-compose.yml file. I tested some of this out and I couldn’t seem to get my custom app up and running correctly. Wondering if anyone here might know how to do this and/or if someone wants to work with me on getting this feature onto the umbrel.

You can read more about their data importer tool here GitHub - firefly-iii/data-importer: The Firefly III Data Importer can import data into Firefly III and Using Docker - Firefly III documentation