Is it possible to get a CSV export from my umbrel node ...or API and Secret?


I am using an app called to track transactions in my portfolio.

Is it possible to get a CSV export from my umbrel node that I can import into ‘’?
I need a simple description (1-4 steps) on how and where to download the file on the exchange.

Does Umbrel have an API key and secret with read-permissions only? Where wouldI find it in my node? supports several exchanges, wallets, miners etc… I’d like to see Umbrel included. :slight_smile:

I am in communication with their development team, so if the above two items are available they will add Umbrel.

Kindly let me know.


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This is so necessary. I hope some sort of CSV export feature gets added soon. Tax time is coming…

shitcoins. please stop promoting shitcoins.
Umbrel is Bitcoin ONLY software.


Taxation is theft

I completely agree.

Though even with taxes aside, an organized transaction log would be a nice feature.

all that you can see and export in RTL app or Thunderhub.

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Ah. It was hiding from me, apparently. Finally found it in RTL. That’ll do the trick. Thanks, man!

Thanks for the thread and instructions! very helpful. I found where to download CSV on the Transactions page in RTL, but RTL is not seeing my transactions, not seeing my btc balanc, not seeing my LN balance, nothing.

I’m clearly connected and logged into my umbrel node, and I have transactions and a balance.

Hoping someone in this thread can help me. Thanks.