Fail to open channel due to anchor fee rate


Recently I have trouble opening a channel in Lightning network Swaps. I used Thunder or RTL to open it.

The reason I failed is simple. I can see in apps a script ’ Received Funding Error From 0205198c099c45acedf988445f71da087ca39cd80847e53a7819e8f4e45768d7d3: Chan_id=449936dc01f79eb499150ece7a8a3868036f7376a852d0478b2a685d059ec19c, Err=you Gave Bad Parameters: Feerate_per_kw 2500 Below Minimum 4971. '.

I found that it is related to anchors commit fee rate. It is now set at 10 sats/vb currently (2500sat/kw), and the minimum required to get above the error, nearly 20sats/vb (4971sats/kw).

I am not good at coding. I want to set the fee using RTL or Thunder without using codes.

So how can I set the fee rate for my channel? or Any other idea?


reference page: [bug]: Default value for `max-commit-fee-rate-anchors` is too low Β· Issue #8240 Β· lightningnetwork/lnd Β· GitHub

Umbrel Lightning Node App
β†’ Advanced Setting
β†’ Channels, Maximum Anchor Channel Commit Fee Rate 10 ->20.

Try to open the channel.

I don’t know about Core-lightning.

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