Exposing internal SSD to network

Ahead of either picking up an Umbrel Home or getting a Raspberry Pi set up for Umbrel OS, I wanted to confirm whether the internal SSD (or folders from its directory) can be exposed as shared storage on the local network.

For a long time I’ve used Infuse on my Apple TVs to simply scrape the contents of a shared network drive (a very old Synology NAS). I prefer Infuse to Plex by a pretty large margin, so I’m aiming to still use this method with Umbrel, at the same time as tapping into HomeBridge etc.

I’ve seen some conflicting posts here about storage management, though, so I wanted to see whether anyone knows if I can designate two folders (Movies and TV Shows) and have them appear as visible network shares for other devices on my local network.

In the long run, I’d probably like to also do this with an external SSD or HDD attached to the Umbrel device (Pi or Home), but it sounds like that isn’t currently possible.

You can implement this by installing samba on your PI as described in the following article Turn your Raspberry Pi into a NAS with Samba in 2023 | PiCockpit