Errors restarting a new copy of Umbrel

I had twice a problem that made me reset my Umbrel, where the error was “not enough space in the SD Card”. First I had one with 16Gb, then I moved to a 32GB and again the error

Now with this 32gb one that I had this error, I formatted it and flashed a new copy of Umbrel again but I’m getting this errors

Any idea?

Hey Nico, I’m going to ping @louneskmt for a second opinion here, but it seems like something got stuck in a loop and consumed your entire drive. Honestly, I think your best bet at this point is to format the drive and retry the Umbrel installation from scratch and redownload the blockchain

oh… you think so?.. gosh. ok, is it safe for me to do that and all my channels will be automatically closed?
or it’s ok for me to do the trick of having the channels.db and wallets.db etc reloaded from a backup?. Trying to avoid all my channels closing automatically

I’ll wait to see if Lounès has any other thoughts, but unfortunately, I think this does require all channels getting closed.

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ok I formatted my disk and it seems to work now. very unfortunate problem… not sure what caused it.

If it happens again please it us up here, so we can investigate this issue.

sure. it’s now doing the initial download so let’s see how it goes. Interesting thing is that I made a copy of my wallet.db and channel.db before formatting my disk. I now pasted those files into the new version and my LND node is up and running with all my channels ready without doing the initial force close. my peers are online and they have accepted those channels so it seems it’s all good