Electrum server questions

I’m about to set up my first Bitcoin node and have a couple of noob questions. If I want to use Electrum with my node, do I have to run an Electrum server in order to have privacy or is a node enough? If I need to run an Electrum server, why can’t I find an app out the Umbrel App Store like on MyNode. As I’m new to this, perhaps such an app is not necessary or perhaps you just have to do more manual configurations with Umbrel vs MyNode? What’s the difference?

Also, if I run an Electrum server, does that take up additional HD space over the regular blockchain data? I was planning on buying a 1TB SSD since the Bitcoin blockchain is only 360GB, but on a podcast with Andreas A, I think he said an Electrum server would use an additional 600GB? Is that true? If so, I would need to go with a 2TB SSD.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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