Complete Newb questions

Newb help please

Hey you awesome people. I’ve just started a node with Ubrel and downloaded the bitcoin core on a Pi4.

I have a some of questions that I would love some help with.

  1. Lightning sats: I have a satoshi wallet but can’t send lightning to my wallet on Umbrel, I can’t get blue wallet to work on my phone as I can’t import it.
  2. I can’t connect to any node, when I connect to a long address like this
    (0354ff418c8b5554c5d9eea66396c227bd429a3251c8cbc711002ba215bfc226) it doesn’t
    recognise it.
  3. Why do I need a bitcoin and lightning wallet? What’s the principle? Surely I just need lightning sats to run a lightning wallet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just can’t get off the ground at the moment. I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos but nothing starts at my level.

Thanks in advance.