Downgrading to 0.5.4 possible/worth it?

Been using 0.5 on Ubuntu miniPCs and on my Windows/VirtualBox/Ubuntu and found it awesome. Was looking forward to the 1.0 upgrade which turned out to be a bitter disappointment:

  • Couldn’t install in VirtualBox to test it first, so tried on a miniPC I’m currently setting-up for a friend. Result is it erased the entire disk with a dual-boot windows/ubuntu just to show a login prompt for which the install instructions do not provide any credentials and the keyboard defaults to qwerty making it unusable for me.
    -Can’t figure out how to change the bitcoin.conf for datadir and connect directives.
    -Can’t use the PC for anything else that is not supported by Umbrel anymore making it useless for me.

Question is: Will the previous install of 0.5 continue to be available with upgrades or should I just forget the idea and go back to compiling source code on Ubuntu?