Possible Linux UmbrelOS1.0 upgrade path. Thoughts?

I have a thought on a way to upgrade my specific Linux based Umbrel .54 node to 1.0. Hat tip to Nirvana for the suggestion.

My existing Umbrel app is running exclusively on an external 2TB drive because the 256GB internal drive is not large enough to store the block chain.

If I install 1.0 on the internal drive, can I then create a symbolic link to the existing .54 app-data? Are the .54 apps compatible with 1.0 (ie. Bitcoin Node and Lightning Node) or are they obsolete with this upgrade and need to be migrated to 1.0?

I installed 1.0 and it will format your hard drive and expect everything to fit on it. Once started all you get is a qwerty tty screen with no way to login and make any changes like you could in 0.5
I feel that my setup has been bricked. I’d keep 0.5 and look for other options if any


Are you saying that after this upgrade your linux box has lost the ability to boot into the linux OS? You boot straight into Umbrel now? If that is the case, do you have the ability to perform other non umbrel related functions like terminal, file browsing, or running other apps?

Yep! It boots into Umbrel and all you get on your screen is a text based TTY (terminal) with the default qwerty setup (I use an azerty keyboard) with no indication of login or password. But you don’t need it because you can access Umbrel from another computer if you have one or use your phone… Just brilliant!

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When you say brilliant, are you expressing how great the new setup is? Or are you making a point of frustration as to how you can no longer access your Linux OS features? Are you really no longer able to use your Linux setup for anything else now? Can you run other programs like Sparrow?

Just found this note and a possible solution to keep using Umbrel on a Linux (Debian) box. First try failed on Ubuntu, but should be easy to tweek.

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Interesting. So it appears that the new Umbrella OS is now the only thing that will run on a Linux computer whereas version .54 ran Umbrel as an application. The new Umbrel has become its own operating system forcing you to dedicate the entire machine to Umbrel. Is that correct?

have a question about how to upgrade to Umbrel v1.0 from v5.0 from a rasppi4 to a dell laptop with windows 10, or do I have to install linux to get started
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From what I have read, the new Umbrel OS will format your hard drive in order to install. If I Am correct the you will not have a windows 10 environment after install

Great thanks
Any thing out there about

Anything out there about migration of the BTC blockchain when updating or will it have to be downloaded again as starting from new