Does Reflash wipe SSD?

Having many problems.

I’m like 3 updates out of date and can’t login.
Was wondering if just shutting power off, flashing micro SD to newest version would erase wallet and Blockchain data?

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To the best of my knowledge, it would not. I have had to reflash many times for various reasons, and it has never created any problems for me. It’s possible that it may be different for you since you’re so far behind on updates, but as long as you have your seed phrase the only thing you would have to worry about is redownloading the blockchain.

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You can reflash without fear, your data will be kept :grin:. The microSD card contains only the OS.

Just be sure to have your seed and channel backup file if something happens :ok_hand:


Y’all are awesome!
I’ll do it…

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Confirming, in case anyone has to do this DURING the initial download (I was at 28% and broke something while trying to customize files) that Umbrel will pick up RIGHT where it left off with the IBD…

I didn’t even have to reset my password or name!

Great software.

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Did it work?

What about the blockchain? did you have to sync it again, or did it just use the one already on the ssd?