Does Coinstat work?

Hi, all. I read somewhere there´s a “Coinstat Index” parameter that shows if bitcoin supply or if a blockchain copy was altered.
As I don´t hear much about this, the question is, does it work?
If works, why it is it disabled on Umbrel? Not useful?

because is bullshit

I set coinstatsindex to run on my node, it took two days to full reindex, with a 100% load in one cpu core. But after finished, it is not perceptible load. It only updates every 30 minutes, very fast.
I can´t imagine why it is not enabled in Umbrel, think more information doesn’t hurt.
I was looking about of the btc dust increase, but for now, 80M active btc address seems not heavy load for our Pi nodes…
Maybe someday @DarthCoin can begin a campain to clean the btc dust and reduce addresses… :smile: (because dust is loosing money, and if btc someday really get to business, transactions fee will increase, so now is good time to do get those sats back)