Disable Remote Access Tor Browser not possible


I’m trying to disable Remote Access but it seems this function is disabled. Why is this disabled and how can I disable this manual (terminal/ssh).

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It’s a feature not a bug! Why would you disable that?!
And you should never disable that.
Tor is how you protect your node dashboard.
Never share, post, show your main Umbrel onion address.
Each app inside Umbrel has its own Tor onion address and that is by design to protect it.
Removing Tor from Umbrel as a user you will have to do a lot of other changes in your local network to protect and give access. Opening, ports, redirect traffic to them, and secure that access.

To be sure, I’m asking about:

Remote accessRemotely access your Umbrel from anywhere using a Tor browser on this URL

This button disables the remote access function, not TOR (of course). Trying to disable this function results in: " Sorry, TOR cannot for disabled right now".

I think this is a bug. It must be.

No, is not a bug. It says very clearly: if you disable Tor, you are not protected anymore and your onion address for your node will stop functioning.

Again, I will ask why would you want to remove Tor access to your node? That’'s insane stupid.

Yes, I agree, that would be totally stupid. Disabling Remote Acces (see screenshot second button/choice) would be very wise however … and that’s my question.

Does anyone know if disabling Remote Acces (over TOR) while not disabling TOR is possible (again)? Or how to do this in the terminal?

Simple: don’t use anywhere that Tor onion address.
Why is so hard to understand this ?
If nobody knows where is your house why bother ?

Why is so hard to understand this ?

I really don’t care for this tone.

There is an option for disabling Remote Access … this option itself is disabled. Why? The enduser should decide if he want Remote Access enabled or disabled. You on the other hand are simply not answering a simple question.

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READ https://blog.lopp.net/tor-only-bitcoin-lightning-guide/

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What if I have not connectivity? How do I troubleshoot without disabling it?