Didn't change anything: umbrel is offline


I have a raspberry pi, ssd, working ethernet connection (fritz.box).

This morning my lightning watch bot told me that my node is offline. I checked just now with my notebook, in my browser umbrel.local isn’t showing anything, also my fritz.box doesn’t show it as a connection (internet is working fine all day) and ssh gives me “ssh: Could not resolve hostname umbrel.local: Der angegebene Host ist unbekannt.” error.

How to proceed from here?

It worked for weeks if not month without any trouble. I didn’t change anything, for a matter of fact I didn’t even accessed the umbrel dashboard for weeks.

Hey @Studentenwerk !

We’re sorry you’re facing this issue, have you tried to ssh to your umbrel’s ip directly ?
If you can ssh to your umbrel’s ip , you can add in your machine host file the ip of your node:
192.168.xx.xx umbrel.local
here’s a tutorial on how to do so:

Please also consider using a static IP for your machine :