Can’t access umbrel.local when using Ubuntu

I bought a windows machine and reconfigured it to be able to do a dual boot to either Ubuntu or Windows when the machine starts up. If I use windows and go to http://umbrel.local on chrome or Firefox I can log into my node just fine. When I boot up in Ubuntu and use Firefox or chrome it can’t access it. “We can’t connect to the server at umbrel.local”. If I go to the terminal and do ssh umbrel@umbrel.local it says “ssh: could not resolve the host name umbrel.local: temporary failure in name resolution”

Hi Jymalchi,

I believe we chatted on Telegram - just to remind myself, did you reboot your router and umbrel already?

Yes I did.

I recently switched to a dual boot and had a similar issue. I resolved it by using the ip address in firefox rather than umbrel.local. I dont know why but after I used the ip address once I have been able to use umbrel.local ever since.

Hey Jymalchi,

This might be a little bit of a difficult one to troubleshoot since it’s on your OS’s side, but here an interesting thread I found on resolving local hostnames that seems relevent:

Thanks. I’ll look into this more. I was able to finally access it using the IP. I still can’t get it to work through umbrel.local, but at least I am in!

Simple fix: add in that umbrel machine hosts file the IP of your node, like umbrel.local
Yes, you can access it on LAN using IP, is just fine.

Also take in consideration to set a static IP on your node