Did Umbrel released v0.4.13 today?

Can someone share any details on 0.4.13?
…and a newbie question: has there ever been a need to down-grade an new upgrade? Thanks. BP

Yes, after a major •release of 0.4.12 - announced here right before your post it was a new quick release to patch an error in an app that was included. If you do not use that app, is not really necessary to update to 0.4.13, you can wait for another major release. 0.4.13 is specifically for that app so is not affecting the rest of Umbrel.

Somebody complaint few days ago that Umbrel did not accept Taproot address. Has this bug been fixed in those news releases?

Yes, not long ago, v 0.4.10 was heavilly bugged, you couldn’t install Umbrell from it, only v0.4.9.

Umbrel is just a middleware, an interface for kitchen that is working behind the scene.
First LND code have to add support for generating taproot addresses, then Umbrel automatically will use it when is updated.
You can send to and receive from taproot addresses just fine with your umbrel onchain wallet.

Your Umbrel node is just a “commercial bank”, a middleman in between all your sources and storages of your BTC stash. You are NOT storing all your BTC into your Umbrel node! That will be crazy.

If you really want to have a wallet with taproot addresses, here you have a guide: https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/move-your-btc-to-taproot-address