Umbrel 0.4.16 is out with updated apps in the Umbrel App Store

Umbrel 0.4.16 is out with the latest versions of Jam, Bitfeed, LNDg, Krystal Bull, Suredbits Wallet, and Urbit in the Umbrel App Store. Just login to update! :rocket:


Updating to 0.4.16 nuked my umbrel that has been working perfectly for months. Now i cannot even get to the umbrel homescreen. Red error screen.

Sorry about that. What does the error say?

Can you also share your debugging logs? Here’s how to get them (ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local "~/umbrel/scripts/debug")

Upgrade successful here :partying_face: great job Umbrel team adding more apps. What will happen when 1000 of apps will be on the store? Search functionality maybe required…

Could you try to reset the lnd.conf file with a default one, you can do this
Make a backup of your current lnd.conf

cp ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.bak

Delete your current lnd.conf, re-configure Umbrel and restart the node

rm ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf && ~/umbrel/scripts/configure && sudo reboot

After is all OK, you can go and add one by one the lines you want in your lnd.conf, but be careful to not broke it again with wrong info.

Since the update 0.4.16 I only have problems with my node. At first I didn’t want to do the update at all. never change a runing system. however, 30% of my channels were suddenly offline and did not come back even after a restart. So I did the update. unfortunately, the problems have increased since then.

-Channels go offline again and again
-routing cannot be performed [Error: unknown peer]
-I can’t open new channels anymore

does anyone else have such problems after the update?

@Rene1980 the last update (0.4.16) wasn’t anything related to LND or BTC, not even about Thunderhub or RTL.
Were just some other apps updates that do not affect at all the functionality of the node. Not even electrs wasn’t updated.
So I don’t think the update is the problem in your case.
I just responded to another user here, did you read that answer?
Sometimes just by resetting the lnd.conf all comes back like magic…
As a basic rule I would recommend this:

  • every time there’s an update, read carefully the release notes, see what exactly is updated and why, what is fixing also
  • update ONLY if your node is affected or your apps you are using are affected or improved. Not all updates are really necessary
  • in RPis case, also you have to consider that umbrel updates contains OS updates
  • in non-RPi cases (native linux OS) you would need to do manual updates, first the OS and then umbrel (if is the case). Many requisites are updated in special of docker components
  • choose the day to update when is a more calm day of routing and check first if you do not have pending HTLCs. If your update takes longer than those HTLCs you could end up with force closed channels.
  • doing the update in the same time as many other users, it is normal to see many of your peers offline, they updating too, so be patient, as they should be also patient with you.

Hi all
good job!
Any news on thunderhub upgrade? new setup to backup channels on amboss seems interesting.

Seems that Thunderhub have some issues and that’s why is not possible yet to be upgraded