Connect iPhone app to Umbrel Lightning


Is there a way to use the same Lightning wallet, both on Umbrel and Bluewallet (or other app), similar to using private keys on a BTC wallet?

I setup my lightning node but can’t manage to “link” the lightning balance of my Umbrel wallet to the one on my phone.

I just managed to connect Bluewallet lightning to the umbrel node, but it is using a separate Lnt wallet (i.e. I would need to transfer the funds from umbrel wallet to bluewallet, which defeat the purpose of using Thunderhub…)

Thanks for your help.

  • BTC node is setup
  • Lightning node is setup on Umbrel, incl. Thunderhub
  • BTC Bluewallet on iphone is setup (same private keys than Umbrel wallet)
  • Lightning Bluewallet on iphone is setup, connecting with to the umbrel node

In teh Guides section of this forum I wrote several guides and manuals about Umbrel apps.
In particular this one about Bluewallet LNDHUB and Umbrel where is explained what is LNDhub and how to connect.

Thank for guide!