Connect Mobile wallet (e.g. zap/zeus) over clearnet instead of tor

Hey all,

I’m looking to connect a mobile wallet to my umbrell node over the clearnet, as doing a live payment with tor enabled on the connection is super slow, e.g. 30-60 seconds for the whole process. I’ve been able to connect zap/zeus over tor and local network. But acces over clearnet doesn’t seem possible. I’ve tried installing lnd connect and generating an url for zap/zeus but no success yet.

I’ve been able to access the apps from the appstore over clearnet e.g. nextcould, so i’m sure the node should be connectable this way.

Is there anything else I can try to make this work?

I hope this hasn’t been asked before, I couldn’t find anything on the forum.

No, for the time being, access to your Umbrel node, outside of your LAN is only using Tor network. And should be like that, for your own privacy and security.
Revealing your node in clearnet is more dangerous than your think and you should know it.
Please read here:

EDIT: yes, also for me Zeus is a bit slower over Tor, but we have promises that the new release v 0.6 will be faster. Zap, instead works really nice over Tor (latest version), didn’t have any issue or slowlesness.

Allright thanks for your response, I didn’t know accessing the node through clearnet with zap would mean also revealing all node traffic to the clearnet. I do realise that would not be a good idea.

As to slowness of either ZAP or Zeus. To me their both equally slow at time of writing. Currently running zap from ios appstore and zeus from ios testflight.
When trying custodial wallets like Bluewallet or wallet of satoshi you notice that payments are allmost instant. I would like to do that with my own node.

So I guess for now I will have to deal with slow payments. I hope this will get better in the future

Wow, so on top of using clearnet, you still use iShit devices…
Man, please duimp that iSpy device, please, for the sake of humanity, take a decent Android device and install CalyxOS, or GrapheneOS. Be a real bitcoiner.

Whaha, sounds tempting. might go for something like that in the future

“be a real bitcoiner” hahaha - peer pressure!!