Cannot Connect Zap Wallet to Umbrel on Android


I am trying to connect to my Umbrel using Zap wallet. I have Orbot installed on my Android phone and followed the instructions. I have Zap added to the VPN list under Orbot and tried connecting Zap to my Umbrel after Orbot was up and runing. I just get an error saying - Tor connection failed. Please make sure that: - Orbot is in running, is in VPN mode and Zap is in Orbot’s list of activated apps. I also faced a similar issue connecting Sphinx chat app - it said it couldn’t connect to server. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

It’s Orbot that is not working well. Keep restart orbot.
Force close Zap app.
Start Orbot, wait until is 100% boostrapped.
Start Zap, wait a bit and will be connected.

Thank you, DarthCoin. I have tried that before. I even tried completely uninstalling Orbot and Zap several times and restarting the whole process. After Orbot hits 100% bootstrapped, how long should I wait before starting Zap?

Once is 100% just open Zap, even from the icon in Orbot VPN apps.

Thank you. I have tried that a few times before. Tried again, but seem to still be getting the same error. Not sure if there is anything else I can try to troubleshoot.

Try with Zeus wallet app. It has Tor integrated and works better.
I know is ugly UI but is doing great job.

I have the same problem! Have you found a solution yet?