Co-operative close from Loop/Lost my Inbound

Hi guys. I’ve got a problem with a Co-operative close from Loop. They closed my channel after only 2 days I have opend the channel. And I got back only my outbound balance. My node was up and running all the time. I don’t know did I something wrong or why did I lost my inbound balance? I’m a little bit confused now. Maybe somebody got a idea?

Inbound sats belongs to your peer, not yours.

Thank you for your answer. Only for my understanding. I opend a channel to Loop with 20mln sats (for example). After opening I saw the channel was already lopped out. 10 outbound and 10 inbound. Do they do loop out automaticly?

I am not sure with the Loop channel. My understanding that when it looped out 10 mil sats from your original 20 mil sats, this 10 mil sats must have been credited to your another inbound channel.
You should check your other existing channels to see if any was increased 10 mil sats.
It seems that the Loop channel only purpose is to help you balance your sats in all your existing channels.