Lost ~2M sats on cooperative close?

Not sure if this is possible, but could I have lost ~2M sats on a cooperative close? I had a channel with 4M sat capacity and closed it. On the settled balance is stating 2,274,332
I’m wondering why it’s not closer to 4M? I know there are fees for opening and closing channels, but not this much…

Thanks for your help!

So you want to spend sats from a channel and get back all the sats you spend from that channel?
That will be a nice magic trick.
Look into your other channels, you will see that you have more sats than you put in. That means you did some routings.
If you didn’t route any other txs, from other nodes, then you spend those sats so is normal that you will get less.

There are tons of material about how LN works, why don’t you go back to study first?

Look closer to this image and thing about it. The balls are your sats and the lines are your channels.
Think about what happen when you move some balls on aline, from one side to another.

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Makes sense. Thanks for your reply. I was pretty sure I couldn’t “lose” sats in the LN, but wanted to make sure.

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I was thinking about setting up a LN routing node myself. Can you explain what happened to your sats? Did you actually lose ~2M sats while trying to operate your routing node or did they get transferred somewhere else?