Cooperative Close

I see a channel I opened on LightningNetwork+ was closed, says cooperative. It was a 1,000,000 Triangle I was C they were A.

Close Transaction ID:: ded131faf22130405da1bc46fda007830b922def137f294030fe6e77c79aaf98

I only see I received 49,264 Sats back on chain in ThunderHub.

How was this cooperative close if I didnt have anything to do with it? I suppose the rest of the Sats closed on their side and are gone?

Am I missing something? Any other information needed I can add. I think there were 10 transactions that pushed liquidity to that side.

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These rings are a good way to get connected.
But need a LN improvement: those rings, when are open, it says “for at least x months”. But nobody is respecting that “contract” or promise to keep these channels open.
So is like a gambling, you expect to have a healthy ring, but after a while peers are just closing channels (their promises).

This need further development in LND/C-LN to “lock” those channels in some way to be heavily penalized if are closed before the term.
Otherwise are useless promises.

As far as liquidity and closed channel, what I forgot to take into account is the the payments that were routed through I was only looking at what was pushed from my side of the channel to him.

What I forgot was that my other channels had liquidity move to my side.

It did bring up a few things as I was trying to figure out everything. Why was the close cooperative and how would I go about disputing if need be.

I better representation in Thunderhub/RTL of an individual payment/transaction so I could see it more clearly as far as where the payment came in and where it went out. Its probably all there, im just not reading it correctly or filtering out everything else correctly.