Unsure where my sats went, would like some help - other channel is doing a force close?

Hi! I started doing a three node ring on LN+ (4,000,000 sats). we all opened channels and things were going smoothly. I offered to do the rebalance with RTL but for some reason my transaction got stuck as an active HTLC and the channel between myself and the first person went from 4,000,000 local to 2,000,000 but stayed at 0 remote, thus halving the channel. I had this happen once before, and informed the group just to wait for the block to happen were the active HTLC expires and it should resume the channel size, but I just went to check on it and for some reason 1, the channel is being force closed, and 2, the 2,000,000 sats never returned to my side (its status on Umbrel is closing, 2,000,000 local, 0 remote.)
Any help greatly appreciated. Will my sats return upon closing? What happens in this scenario? Also want to make sure its not a fradulent close, but I really just read that term after some googling and didnt know how I would check for such a thing or contest it.

What shows at ‘Blocks Till Maturity’ when you use ‘Ride The Lightning’ > ‘Lightning’ > ‘Peers/Channels’ > ‘Pending’ > ‘View Info’?


also, i chatted with the other node operator, and they said they didnt initiate the close. But I didnt either. which is confusing. Im assuming that nodes don’t auto close channels, but theres also the peculiar situation of this being a force close and my node has been online the whole time?

Hopefully it will return in about 70 hours then :crossed_fingers:t2: