Cloudflare tunnel and whoogle

Hi all,

I wish to be able to reach my instance of Whoogle when away from home, so I set a Cloudflare tunnel following this guide.
[Setting Up Cloudflare Tunnels on Umbrel]

I set two tunnels up, one for mempool and other for whoogle.

The mempool one is working flawlessly.

The Woogle one doesn’t work. It seems to reach out to Umbrel but keeps loading forever and eventually fails.

It seems Whoogles blocking outside connections, but Im not an expert…

Tried to turn antivirus off, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I don’t know anything about Cloudflare tunnels.
But have you tried to use Tailscale to access it remotely instead? That will allow you to access anything on your umbrel remotely from devices that are connected to your Tailscale tailnet.

Well thank you for your response but Tailscale is not what I looking for.

I want to use my Whoogle as default searching when away from home.

This is possible and easy to get running by installing Tailscale on your Umbrel and the device you will use to access Whoogle when away from home.

Once complete simply go to your Umbrel’s Tailscale IP (which will look something like and add on the port number for Whoogle, which by default is 6420

The only snag I’ve hit so far is you have to login using your Umbrel’s login password. I’ve not found a way yet to have this passed by the server as part of a config file, but would be very interested to learn if someone has managed this.