Clear previous transactions

How do I clear my lightning transactions from umbrel? I’ve made so many transactions that it is now so slow to use the dashboard.

Why do you need to use dashboard as wallet?
BTW, the node wallet should NOT be used as your main regular wallet, as I explained in these Umbrel guides:

The main Umbrel dashboard is just for managing the apps, making backup of your LN channels, managing node settings, troubleshooting, generate new onchain deposit address.

Thanks for the advice but for now is it possible to purge my previous LN transaction? I have made over 2500 LN payments and would like to clear it from umbrel as it’s slowing down the dashboard.

no, those logs will stay forever.
Or start a new node instance

I’m getting flooded with these. So I cant clear it?

even if I do a full node restore these will come back?

Edit your lnd.conf file and add at the end of [Application] section these lines:

# Mark unpayable, unpaid invoices as deleted
# Avoid historical graph data sync
# Avoid slow startup time
# Avoid high startup overhead

Then restart lnd service
cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose restart lnd

All those unpaid invoices will be gone
More details on lnd.conf example here

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It’s not unpaid, all PAID which I want to purge.

nope. all executed invoices, txs, will remain there.

So the only way is to start a fresh node, new seed open new channels?

yes. But really don’t understand why bothers you that much, are just a bunch of logs. That’s it

It’s slowing down the dashboard so that’s why I want to clear it.