Balance In Limbo

Someone closed the channel couple weeks ago.
Now i see Balance In Limbo 14000.
What can I do for return my sats?

What is the output when you run the lncli pendingchannels command? (can be run directly from the command prompt in the Lightning Shell app)

If all the info on the close is under waiting_close_channel (cooperative close) then the transaction may have timed out if you have already waited for 2 weeks. If that is the case you’ll have to force close on your peer to get the sats. See for an issue I had with a timed-out cooperative close.

just tried to close, receive error
lncli closechannel --force 03a*****n
[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = max hash string length is 64 bytes

Syntax for force close is “lncli closechannel --force txid idx” Did you put the last parameter in the command?
If not, then try this:

  • Run an lncli listchannels (or look at the output of the pendingchannels you ran earlier).
  • Find the channel you want to close, and copy the “channel_point” value.
  • Replace the : with a space.
  • Insert the (edited) channel point value after the “lncli closechannel --force”

thank you, it works!