Change Umbrel password in UI does it change for the server?


I was wondering if you change the Umbrel password via the browser portal, does it change the password for the ‘umbrel’ user when using SSH?

Was going to set my pi to accept SSH only (via sshd_config), but not sure if the password on the gui is directly connected to the unix ‘umbrel’ user.

If you change the password on the website, the raspberry will also change it. Never tried to change in raspberry whether the login time of the web page will change as well.

Ah, so the linux user is the web user.
Was kinda hoping that I could lock down the pi itself by creating a new user and removing the ‘umbrel’ user.
So it means if you have an Umbrel server then you always know the username.
Is it possible to disable the ssh login for the umbrel user, and still be fine for the gui?

See it How can I change my Username?

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