Password change not possible

I want to change my password, but it does not work.
I can enter the old and the new password in the window but it is not possible to activate the change password button (which is displayed in light gree).

I had before activated 2FA but have switched it off now.

What is also strange is that I have managed to change the ssh password but after login into umbrel frontend it is only the old password which will work.

Can please help to change my frontend password (and my ssh password)

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Friend, I got the same issue here. It’s a fault of the dev team, they forgot to put a “validation message” to warning the users that the new password must have at least 12 characters. Try someone with 12 or more and take it at note.

Because if U lost/forget it, U’ll have to reinstall your umbrel from 0 to access it again.

Hugs and stake sats!