Casa Node 2 Fan

I have Umbrel running on a Casa Node 2. I’m constantly seeing the message

High temperature: Your Raspberry Pi is running hot. Consider using a heatsink, fan or a cooling case.

I have noticed that the fan is never running. I have tried pressing the button on the fan, which makes it run for a few seconds, then it shuts off. Has anyone ever run into this? Does Umbrel know how to control the fan?

I have the same problem and cannot find a solution. It is either a software issue or a the fan has failed.

I don’t think it’s hardware. I have since tried a replacement fan and it didn’t work. I also have installed MyNode on the hardware and the fan works.

I also reinstalled the fan shim software with updated python library without success. The fan spins a few revolutions and then stops and repeats. It will not stay on even after adjusting the temp thresholds below 55C. It worked properly for months prior?

I’m on my 4th fan.

The original that came with the Node, then two FanShim fans - if I recall correctly, this was a recommendation from Lopp, before they went completely off support.

The fans ran okay with the FanShim software, but they’re just junk, and so started making noise after a few months, then ran only when given an gentle nudge, then just stopped altogether.

I ran it topless for a year or so, but then the SD card croaked, and I had to replace it. Considering replacing the fan a third time (I bought two last time, so have a spare on-hand) but not sure it’s even worth it.

How do you get the fanshim working with Umbrel? I followed the usual install instructions and the fan works, but then Umbrel.local is no longer available in the browser

At this point, I consider it maintenance, and I just keep replacing them, it’s a pain but I just check it every 4-6 months, and if it’s gone bye-bye, I keep spares. It did take some futzing to get the fan to turn on/off at temp, rather than just run all the time.

However, never had an issue with the Umbrel not coming back online. This seems like a non-related issue to the fan, unless you made some configuration changes that went bad?