Umbrel OS Fan programming

Hello I have installed Umbrel OS onto SD card ready to put it into my pi 4, and read that I need to program my fanshim fan so it’s not constantly running, it says I need pi os on my sd card then place it into my pi 4 then down load the commands.

Can this be done with umbrel OS ? What should I do?

Please help



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Not that I know of but I would probably recommend just plugging the fan in and letting it run 24/7. Since Umbrel will run 24/7 you’ll want the cooling at all times. The fan shouldn’t wear out that fast. Mines been running for a little over a year and I just use a duster can on it every few months or so. No issues. Hope that helps.


Ooh ok then I will do that, the fan is super silent I never even thought it was on at first it was so silent. I will do that then as it’s running Bitcoin node 24/7 thank you very much. Much appreciated.

Your welcome!

Interesting. My fan is on the loud side. I got mine with the official raspberry pi case from Adafruit. Which one did you get?



I got the pibow fan shim I’m amazed at its silence. Link below.

I updated my node with Umbrel-OS1.0.4. When it was running PI-OS, my fan worked perfect. Now with Umbrel OS it doesn’t work anymore. My node gets very hot and I turned it off.
Is there any fan software taken up in the Umbrel OS or do I need specific SW to run my fan taking in accordance with temperature?

Regards, JW

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I am facing the same problem. raspi-config doesn’t work on Umbrel-OS 1.0.4 and I’m really regretting updating to it because my fan is now constantly on and really noisy, whereas before I simply configured it to come on above 70C and it would happen once in a blue moon. Wonder if downgrading is possible…?