Cannot activate 2FA

I can’t activate 2FA. If I try turn it on, Umbrel displays popup window with QR. I scaned QR in Google Authenticator but If I write code to input fileds Umbrel do nothing.
Did it happen to someone too?

This problem is usually associated with needing to update the clock on your device or some other different device with the google Authenticator app out of sync.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the problem. When I enter the last number from GA, submit doesn’t work. Event is not started. When I tried rewrite i.e. first number with the same number, then it is form submited and 2FA activated. This workaround is necessary repeat on each login. Form submiting deosn’t work correctly.

If you use Chrome, after you put in your code, you have to move your cursor to the first digit, click it and press enter or copy and paste your code from authenticator

Yes, that works. But it is workaround, not correctly behavior. The same be havior is in Firefox.