Stuck on 2FA auth when login on Umbrel 0.4.10

Today I updated Umbrel to latest version 0.4.10 and after that I activated 2FA for Umbrel login.

I am using Yubico authenticator.

Activation went well but after logging out and trying to login again nothing happens after I input the 2FA numbers from the authenticator app. If I reload the page I get back to the input password page for Umbrel then back to 2FA auth and then nothing happens after inputting the new 2FA numbers.

I have restarted Umbrel and the also updated and restarted the Ubuntu 18.04 server its running on, no change.

Any suggestions for a fix or how to disable 2FA again?


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Hey flowerpot28, sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the 2FA. I’ve seen this happen once before, and it was actually an issue with the browser:

Alternatively, if you really just want to kill 2fa and start over, if you can ssh in, this command will delete 2fa (it deletes a otpURI parameter in user.json which stores your 2fa):
json_file=“/home/umbrel/umbrel/db/user.json” && contents=“$(jq ‘del(.otpUri)’ ${json_file})” && echo “${contents}” > ${json_file}

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Thank for the quick help @jonsyu!

The chrome trick worked like a charm. I am running Edge and that is also a chromium browser so I guess its an issue with chrome.


json_file="/home/umbrel/umbrel/db/user.json" && contents="$(jq ‘del(.otpUri)’ ${json_file})" && echo “${contents}” > ${json_file}

i am getting this error can someone correct this
-bash: command substitution: line 17: syntax error near unexpected token (' -bash: command substitution: line 17: jq ‘del(.otpUri)’ ${json_file})"’

@BaleNordicWinter Can you please try this command instead (it fixes a comma in the previous command):

json_file="/home/umbrel/umbrel/db/user.json" && contents="$(jq 'del(.otpUri)' ${json_file})" && echo "${contents}" > ${json_file}


I noticed with version 0.4.12 this issue has been resolved, for me at least. No need to move to first digit anymore. Thanks Umbrel team!

Really cool, lost my authenticator. It works very fine big THX to you !

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My 2FA broke after an unexpected power outage/hard shutdown and this saved the day - thank you!

My umbrel will not 2FA. I would like to SSH and delete the @FA usig the JSON command. However. How do I log into the PI using SSH. Total Noob, Sorry. Thanks in advance for your help.

I figured SSH out now im getting this response
json_file="/home/umbrel/umbrel/db/user.json" && contents="$(jq ‘del(.otpUri)’ ${json_file})" && echo “${contents}” > ${json_file}: permission denied

I am getting an error “permission denied” when I try this command. Please help. locked out of my Umbrel.

Can you please try:

json_file="/home/umbrel/umbrel/db/user.json" && contents="$(jq 'del(.otpUri)' ${json_file})" && echo "${contents}" | sudo tee ${json_file}

Thanks for the response. I was able to research and find out i needed to use a ssh command that gave me permission; sudo. This allowed me to delete to 2fa script! Works great now!

jonsyu- I’m very new but have this problem. Can you tell me what ‘ssh in’ means? Thanks in advance!

hey @nelson157 if you’re still having any issue you can reference steps under “How to SSH” in the Official FAQ here

Steps for v5+ are also there under “Lost Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Access”

2FA problem still occurs using Chrome v117.0.5938.132 and Umbrel v0.5.4. Click first number plus Enter button as a workaround is still good thankfully. Any new insights on how to resolve this permanently?