2FA for multiuser

When I install 2FA on Umbrel Home it will ask me to access a smartphone 2FA App like Google Authenticator OR to copy a code given and paste that in the Authenticator.

Could I technically give this code also to another person somewhere else in the world.
So basically if I have to login I have my Umbrel Home URL and a password - which I could give to a trusted second person. If I activate 2FA the Authenticator has to give me an entry code which just anybody can not give. But if this trusted second person has basically a clone of the Umbrel Home 2FA authentication, this person could also login with his own Authenticator?

It would be nice if this 2FA not only works with Google Authenticator but also with a Yubikey or Trezor HW Wallet. I could clone the Trezor so two separate people could have the same 2FA authentication, because the code is generated by the private key of the Trezor which can be duplicated.

I hope I explained the situation to understand.

While generally not recommended, it is possible to share 2FA codes across different devices. You should have this option in any authenticator app as a code to add that 2FA login to another device

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