Can I write a script that automatically restarts my umbrel at specific interval?

My node has been running for a couple of months now on my pi5. I’ve had plenty of trouble with it crashing and becoming unresponsive. This happens at least once/day, and I have to use the physical button on my pi to reboot it. I’m willing to do this without complaint if I’m home - but - I am away at my job for 5 days/week, and often too busy to remember to Tailscale in and restart my umbrel - BEFORE it crashes/becomes unresponsive…

So I’m thinking that what would work best for me (as I’ve not found a solution to my crashing problem) is to automatically tell me Umbrel to restart, say every 6 hours. This would most likely restart the clock on the incoming crash that may shut down my node on a Monday, when I can’t get home to reset my pi until Friday.

I know next to nothing about coding, but it seems to me that this might be a simple thing to automate. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on this?