Can connect- but cannot open a channel to my own node with Desktop-Electrum

Hi again, looks like I am bombing this forum with my Noob questions… Rest assured that I try to search first before asking. And I coulnd´nt find an answer on this one:

My Umbrel Node is online and I have already successfully opened a bunch of channels. And some stranger has already opened a channel to my node, so she/he must somehow have found me.

Now I wanted to open a channel from my Electrum desktop wallet to my own node running on Umbrel.
To do this, I de-activated trampoline routing in Electrum under “Tools/Preferences/Lightning” (otherwise you can’t enter a free node).

But when I try to open this new channel to my Umbrel Node, I get this message:

Could not open channel: ConnStringFormatError(‘Hostname does not resolve (getaddrinfo failed)’)

This happens when I have connected (succesfully & working as I can send BTC onchain) Electrum via Electrs to my BTC core node under: local-node-ip:50001:t
but also when I let Electrum select the server automatically.

Does anyone know why this is? Is it because the Umbrel Lightning node is under TOR while my Electrum desktop is not? If so, is there a guide somewhere on how to open up the Umbrel node to Clearnet? (I know that in this case I would either need a static IP address for my entire internet or use something like “

Hi again @Steve-Me

Yes you are right here I believe. The local-node-ip:50001:t port specifies the Electrs app from your Umbrel, but lightning connections exist either from umbrel.local:8080 (REST) or umbrel.local:10009 (gRPC). I have not tried using lightning from Electrs desktop, but can you add an additional connection for this?