C-Lightning on umbrel?

Is this possible? I have Fully Noded and would love to have it connect to my phone via tor. I don’t see many implementations of C-Lightning. Apologies if I’m being an idiot with this question. Cheers.

Yep, I would like to see that option when you install Umbrel, to choose which LN implementation you want to run.
But I think is quite hard to do that. Don’t know. Maybe in a future will be.

yeah, c-lightning is kinda abandoned. Thinking now… too much Liquid pumped :grinning: ?

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They are working on getting Liquid asset on C-Lightning which would be great imo. Being able to have USDT and other stuffs on a LN like network would be great

great for what? what I can’t do with sats on LN and you can do with liquid on LN?

As I said: Liquid asset. So USDT, shares or stocks on Liquid, etc…