Required Funds to Open a Channel?

I’ve got Umbrel running, synced the blockchain, and am just messing around with Lightning. I’ve read that Umbrel isn’t super secure and you probably shouldn’t put more $$ into it than you are willing to loose.

In light of this do you really need to put 2M Sats (~$875 USD) into your Umbrel wallet to open a Lightning channel?

Seems like a lot of cash to risk especially since I’ve already lost a small transaction I used as a test when syncing my node (see my other post).

All that happen because of your own lack of knowledge.
Before running a node, read and educate yourself.
Don’t blame a product for your own mistakes.
Start reading this guide about Umbrel and LN in general - inside you will find a lot of links to documentation and guidelines about how to use a LN node.

You don’t play with lot of money until you do not learn how to use it. So start reading.

Why are you running a node? Why are you opening lightning channels?

You don’t skate to where the puck is, you skate to where it’s going to be. Lightning will onboard the next 7.9B people to Bitcoin. I’ll be there with open channels!
Prepare today for the day of tomorrow.

If you consider today “risky” to open a shity 2M sats channel then let’s talk in 2-3 years from, now to see if you can open that channel anymore.

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Looks like I’m going to have to read and educate AFTER running a node. :slight_smile:

BTW @DarthCoin your guide is a great resource!