BTCPay Server wrong admin login

Hi all. This is all local on my Umbrel with RazPi 4.
I logged into BTCPay Server for the first time locally from my Umbrel server. I allowed my username and password to be stored on my keychain. I was playing with it for several days setting things up without logging out. My computer logged me out automatically. When I try to log back in it says “the username is not in an email format”. When I try all variations of my actual emails I can not reset the password. So somehow I was logged in for the first time and my password manager saved the wrong username. This is the first and ONLY username/login associated with BTCPS.
I do have some dust bitcoin in the wallets so I do not want to just erase and start over. Is there a way to find the username/password sequence in the local login files?
Or is there a way to change the username and password?

I do have the Recovery Seed.

I have some help from Github to workaround:

but I can not find this in the directory with SSH.