BTC app and Lightnng app not loading

I need help with my node. I do not get info when the BTC app or Lightning app are loading. Please assist.

Please share a debug log, it will identify one of just a few errors it could be preventing Bitcoin Core from starting correctly

For reference check out FAQ under “Generating Troubleshooting Logs” here: Official Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

You can also just use the interface as the article describes via going System > Troubleshoot > Start and it will generate it from you right there within the dashboard and download it, then you can attach it here for review with this image icon

If for any reason you get an error when attempting to generate the log from the UI, move on to the next step and generate the log via the command: sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

This will output the log you can then copy and paste to a text file and attach it or paste it to and share a link from there