Bitcoin Node App Starting

Hello aa,

I’ve been looking at the forum and I can’t find a solution to my problem.

My dashboard works fine but when I enter the Bitcoin Node app it permanently appears in starting.

I look at the logs and I don’t find any errors or problems.

I flashed the MicroSD, I have also deleted the peers.dat file and the setting.json etc. in the terminal. and I still have the same problem.

Any solution? I’m desperate.

Thank you so much

Hi @boomhashing,

Sure thing. So we can troubleshoot this further, we’ll need to generate some logs from your Umbrel- could you please enter the settings dashboard on your Umbrel, and press ‘START’ under troubleshooting.
You can share the output here with, and we’ll see what the issue is.


Ok nothing stands out from the logs.

Could you please try running the following

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart bitcoin

Give it 5-minutes, and if the issue is still the same we will try to log it with the following

~/umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin logs --tail 400

Which you can share with again