Bitfeed app doesn't start visualization

I’m using Umbrel 0.4.13 on Raspberry Pi 4 and just installed Bitfeed.
The app opens, but the visualization doesn’t start (like it does on I just get the black screen and nothing happens.
Am I doing something wrong? I restarted Umbrel, but that didn’t help.

Like mempool…space app, i don’t think umbrel Raspberrypi Arm64 can go that fast when indexing those transactions. So if you want more visualization you have to wait for like 4 min. In my test that when those transactions begin to look like on

Hi, thanks, but I’m afraid that’s not it.

I had Bitfeed open for over an hour now and there is nothing happening at all. It keeps saying “Mempool: 0 unconfirmed”.

The chain is 100% synced, and works fine without errors.

I’d suggest uninstalling Bitfeed and then reinstall it, it might be a bad install. It happens sometimes.

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That was it, DHD, you were right! That fixed it. Now the tx start dropping immediately after opening the app!

Thanks for your tip!

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I’m glad that it’s working as intended now.

I installed mempool as my first app long time ago, and I kid you not, when I browsed to it, all I saw was B in a plain white page, and that’s the only text on there… I looked at the source HTML file, and it only had B. No matter what I did to try to fix it (restarting the node, forcing a refresh on the page, etc), I just decided to uninstall it and reinstall it, bam there it was working in its full glory.

Yes! I had the same issue, but reinstalled and it works like a charm. Beautiful app!

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