Mempool app late on Bitcoin core block

I was checking the Mempool app on my Umbrel and notice that the last block visible is from 2 to 4h ago. I check on the dashboard of Umbrel and I see the latest block mined a few minutes (<10min) ago, so Bitcoin core is sync and working. It looks like it’s only the Mempool app.
The strangest is that is I go to and copy the hash of the last block, I can fin it in my mempool app on Umbrel. So it’s ever more strange, it looks like the dashboard is delayed or has a bug somehow.

Did this happen to others already? Any clue how to solve that?

Same is happening to me.
From Bitcoin Explorer the last block I see is 736627 and on the Mempool 736597
What version are you running? I just upgraded to 0.4.18 over the wekend

Rebooted and fixed the problem

Did you reboot the whole Pi or just restart the mempool app from SSH?

I used the reboot option from the Umbrel Settings menu.

From my experience, Mempool App is a hungry resources eater, better not have it in a RaspPi.

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