Umbrel slow, takes several minutes to open apps

Hey everyone,

After my BTC node finished syncing I’ve noticed that my Umbrel is very slow, it takes 30 seconds just to load up the Umbrel.local Home Screen, then opening any apps from that takes a good several minutes. There’s plenty of free disk space, only half of the Pi’s 8GB of RAM is in use, CPU temp is 60C which seems fine. I’ve tried rebooting a couple times too, no change.

This issue happens when accessing Umbrel locally, so it’s not related to TOR.

Anyone know what might be wrong and how I should go about diagnosing it?


This could be caused by a under voltage or a thermal problem.

Check the last line in the Log if one of the problems causing the problem there should be a hint.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked through the log, and nothing jumps out as being an issue. Also at the end of the log it shows the following:

==== Result ====

The debug script did not automatically detect any issues with your Umbrel.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the log either as I get a message advising new users cannot upload attachments.