Bitcoin Solo Mining Pool Umbrel App

Are there step by step guides to setting this up correctly? I am very new to the mining space and I have the public pool app downloaded on my Umbrel node. I’ve been looking at buying a Bitaxe Ultra miner.

username: ., password: x

When looking at the above, where would would find their worker name?

Once the public-pool app is downloaded and running it is ready to go!
When you get a miner you’ll just need to point it towards umbrel.local:2018 with a btc address as the username and x as the password (your miner will have a dashboard to do that). Worker name will be set on the miner side too, but you can also use the btc address to find it.

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Use your BTC address with a “.” Followed by the worker name of your choice.


I have installed it from Umbrel apps and one of the containers is constantly restarting and logging this:

2024/02/15 19:07:38 [emerg] 1#1: host not found in upstream “public-pool_web_1” in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:5
nginx: [emerg] host not found in upstream “public-pool_web_1” in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:5

Any suggestions as to where I should look next as I am stuck on how/why this is happening.


I am attempting to point bitaxe miner towards my umbrel by following the instructions in AxeOS app but have not been able to successfully connect it. It will connect just fine to the default public pool but when I change the Stratum URL with the one provided on my umbrel’s public pool app it stops working. I am sure its user error on my part.

The defaults in AxeOS are
Stratum URL:
Stratum Port: 21496

I am assuming for stratum url I should use the one provided in the app ending in .onion and for stratum port 2018 ?

edit: ignored the bitaxe instructions and followed the instructions on here and it seems to be working

yes you’ll want to use umbrel.local:2018 not TOR

How can we use a custom diff on the pool ?

I am having issue using the public pool app. I was able to connect to it and it seemed to be working fine. Then the app stopped loading but I could still see that it was running properly using the AxeOS app. Today I noticed it was not hasing at all. Tried several times to reconnect it but the app only seems to work for me when the miner is not connected to it.

Not sure how else to troubleshoot. It connects instantly to the port.

just to confirm, are you using or the Umbrel app public-pool?

I am trying to use the umbrel app public-pool, I was able to initially use it after entering the correct stratum url but it stopped working altogether. I am going to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to see if the change I noticed in GUI is causing the issue.

edit: I have not uninstalled the app since the umbrel public pool app loaded just fine today. It had not done that for me for about week. I will give it a go again and see what happens.

How have you liked the Futurebit Apollo’s? I’m thinking about getting the Apollo 2.

Same question as above, how have you liked the Futurebit?

Which do Bitaxe do you have? I’m also thinking about getting the supra to start out with. How has the mining been with the public pool?

fiz a intalaçao mais o meu nao funciona a m21s nao encontra n rede local

Hey guys! i cant see my nerdminer v2 in my public-pool app dashboard. 0 online devices shown.

I entered umbrel.local and port 2018 in the miner’s config (both how the app said) click save, miner restarts and start hashing as usual, then i put the btc address in the ¨login box¨ in the app then the next screen shows 0 best difficulty and nothing down in the hash rate graph.

Edit: I just factory reset the miner and now its working, seems it wasn’t saving the new inputs.

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