Bitcoin Core Wallet Connection

I recently connected my bluewallet to my node using the lightening network process. Does this mean my on chain transactions through my mobile blue wallet are also processed through my node? Or only if I open a lightening channel?

If the answer is no, and there is a better mobile wallet to do this, then please let me know. Want to process mobile bitcoin core transactions if at all possible.

I have attempted this as well.

Besides numerous connectivity issues (BlueWallet on mobile crashes or freezes 9 out of 10 attempts) there is also confusion about what lightning wallet is used when you use mobile BlueWallet.

I don’t see my total lightning balance in BlueWallet.
Invoices created on umbrel node are visible in BW but not the other way around.
I tried funning my BlueWallet from my node but that is not allowes as it is deemed a “transfer to yourself”.

I’m confused.

You have to connect it through the electrum section on blue wallet

In the Guides section of this forum there is a special guide exactly how to use Bluewallet with Umbrel. Did you read it?