Use of Blue Wallet with Umbrel Node

My blue wallet has become essentially unusable since connecting to my Umbrel wallet.

I have used blue wallet for a long time and just got an Umbrel node up and running. So, I decided to connect the two together in a beautiful union. Since doing that, my blue wallet has become very very slow. This is the first issue.

The second is that the way the on-chain bitcoin wallet and the lightning wallets work has now changed. If i generate an invoice on my phone with blue wallet and it is paid, I don’t see the payment on my phone. I do however see it on my node. I cannot send money from my node lightning wallet to my blue wallet because it tells me that i’m sending a payment to myself. So, the lightning seems to be a kind of payment generator for the node. For the on-chain blue wallet, it seems to be entirely separate to the phone’s blue wallet. I can send a payment from my node to my on-chain blue wallet, for example. it shows as going out of my node and into my blue wallet.

why do they behave so differently, and why is the blue wallet now slow slow as to be practically unusable? Have others seen the same? I have a fairly new and decent phone.