Bitcoin Core 0% synchronized after 3 days!

Dear Community, I have a problem with my node. The synchronization of my Bitcoin core wallet does not work. After 3 days it still says that 0% is synchronized. I use a Raspberry PI 4 and a 1TB SSD hard drive. The raspberry is connected to the internet with an ethernet cable. Can you please check if everything is ok as I am a total newbie.



Hello, I had something similar early on that was resolved by pruning Docker.

sudo systemctl stop umbrel-startup.service && docker system prune --force --all && sudo systemctl start umbrel-startup.service

This takes some time so be patient while it works through the process.

Also, on the 0.3.12 release, I had intermittent connectivity problems that were resolved by setting a static IP address on the node and setting a reservation on my router.

Hope these are helpful.

Hello, thanks for the quick feedback!

Funny, when I logged back in today, I could see that it was now working and the blockchain was downloading. At the moment more than 40% are downloaded.

Here is a new log:

Unfortunately I cannot log in via SSH. I open Putty, enter umbrel.local as the host and when the terminal is open, I enter my username and then I can’t enter a password. Whenever I enter the password and hit enter, it tells me that access has been denied. What is the best program for me to enter commands?

Maybe there is an article how to set up a static IP address on the node and make the changes on the router?

Hi, Have a quick look at this (“Setting a fixed address on the Raspberry Pi”) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I set a reservation on my router for the IP that I set in the static config too.

RE: SSH - are you using the default password? Or, did you set a different password?

Hope this helps!

Hi, I created a new password during the installation. I also wanted to change my password, but it doesn’t work via the interface. Each time I enter my current password and then the new password, but it doesn’t save anything. I also don’t know why I can’t log in via SSH. It also prevents me from setting a static IP. When I logged in again today via browser, I saw that it had not validated any blocks for the last 2 days and has stopped. So I just restarted and now he’s validating blocks again.

I know this is not a toy and a node comes with a lot of responsibility. But I would be really very grateful for any help. I think if I can log in via SSH I can make these changes too. But as long as I can’t log in, I don’t know how to make these changes.


Finally had time to recover my node (non-functional for > 4 months. I had to re-flash the micro SD card and uninstall / reinstall Bitcoin Core v26.0.0. I did the same with Electrs and Mempool too but will wait until the bitcoin node fully synchronizes (days?).

My fix to this was to:

  1. completely uninstall Docker from my linux system
  2. run the umbrel install script and allow IT to install Docker

Problem resolved.