Bitcoin Node stuck synchronizing

Hi, My node is stuck synchronizing on block 596,893. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with just Bitcoin Node and Electro installed. Troubleshooting has included all hardware replaced except for Raspberry Pi, restarting Umbrel in app, attempted reading debug log for a non-technical person. Any guidance is appreicated.

Debug file link: ====================== Umbrel debug info ======================Umbrel ve -

As a first step you can run the timedatectl command to check if your system clock is still synchronized. I’d also recommend installing an NTP service such as chrony to keep things synchronized (follow the Debian install guides), some users are reporting this resolves issues after disconnecting/reconnecting a device.

I’d also like to ask some of the other basic questions:

  • How is your Umbrel connected to the Internet (Ethernet, WiFi)
  • What type of drive you are using (HDD, SSD)
  • Anything else you think can be relevant, especially after you made any hardware changes…

As you swapped out the hardware, are you sure the cable is a USB 3.0 A to USB-C? One easy way to tell is if the end of the cable itself also has a blue finish on the jack. Secondly, try using a different USB 3.0 port, rebooting the router and the Umbrel, and waiting for it to begin syncing once more.

Setting a static IP for your node also helps resolve connectivity issues: How to set a static IP for your Umbrel server

Hopefully this helps you begin troubleshooting, let us know what else you’ve tried so far and we can continue to help or if you find a solution!

Thank you @usernameisJim for the response! I ran the timedatectl command and confirmed clock is still synchronized. As for installing chrony is that OK do install on Umbrel on my raspberry pi 4?

Answers to questions:

  • Umbrel is connected to internet by Ethernet
  • Type of drive is SSD
  • I was getting several other errors such as: system service failed, failed to start containers, etc. on my previous setup. I tried several troubleshooting steps that seemed to help but never resolved so I gave in and switched from HDD to SSD, switched microSD cards, changed power cable, and USB 3.0 cable (confirmed). Only thing that stayed the same was the Raspberry Pi4. Install seemed to go normal and began downloading blocks then froze on 596,893.

I’m a bit reluctant to set a static IP but open to it. I have the device shutdown for now but will switch 3.0 ports and plan to set a static IP this week but let me know if there is something else missing. Thanks for the feedback!

I ended up flashing and rebuilding from scratch. Back up and running now hopefully don’t run into this again :slight_smile: